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Peter Philippe Weiss

Owner, Designer, Consultant

Peter Philippe Weiss, born 1962 in Basel, acts as a consultant, composer, sound artist, sound designer, producer, speaker and guest lecturer at HSG University St. Gallen, HTW Chur University of Applied Science, SFG-B Visual Art School Bern and FH Offenburg. Since 1994 he runs Corporate Sound AG. Since 2013 Peter Philippe Weiss is member of the Red Dot Design Award Jury. 

In 1994 Peter Philippe Weiss founded Corporate Sound AG in Basel, thereby creating the first professional communication agency for sound branding worldwide. Today, the Corporate Sound AG attends to national and international clients in all applications of sound in corporate communication. 

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Frank Schwegler

Member of the board, Consultant

After finishing school Schwegler has worked in various functions in the entertainment business. He benefits from an broad experience in the entertainment business which is the ground for his today's work. At present he is Chief Commercial Officer st Starticket, a company of Tamedia AG. Through his long affiliation to music, culture and media he comes with a big network.



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Jascha Dormann

Sound Designer, Composer

In 2012 Jascha Dormann (*1986) graduated from the University of Music Basel, Switzerland earning his master's degree in Audio Design.

Since 2010 he has been working at Corporate Sound AG as sound designer and composer. To date he has worked on several projects including Deutsche Telekom and B. Braun. He also works as a Sound Designer and Sound Editor for feature and documentary films such as 'Wintergast' by Andy Herzog and Matthias Günter. As a musician and music producer he is and has been part of various musical projects such as electronica outfit 'laFayette' with which he has played numerous live shows and released two records on vinyl. 


Michael Künstle

Composer, Musical Notation, Music Arranger

The Swiss composer combines playful film scoring with contemporary music. During his graduation in composing at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste he wins with 21 years the „Golden Eye Award“ for the best film score at the 1st internationel film score competition of the Zurich film festival. Since then he participated in over 20 film productions. His works where played in Switzerlan, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Germany.




Thomas Brenneche

Creative Music Supervisor, Producer

Thomas is a Music Supervision expert, leading creational processes of Music, Interaction Sound, and Sound Design. In projects concerning Sound Identity, Thomas takes on a leading role, producing music and sound for all relevant platforms. 

Thomas has a strong compositional background. He has 8 years in the business, composing and producing music for commercial as well as artistic use. Being a productive songwriter on the Danish music scene, his experience combined with a Tonemeister Masters Degree from the Royal Danish Music Conservatory, provides him with an unique understanding of music and sound.  Together with a small team, Thomas Brenneche produced the music for the winner of the red dot design award for best corporate film 2017.



ARGE "Corporate Sound" with

Idee und Klang Audio Design GmbH

The working partnership "ARGE Corporate Sound" with Idee und Klang Audio Design GmbH is a well-rehearsed and experienced creative and production team. We already worked hand in hand and successful on several projects like Deutsche Telekom (branding styleguide, ringtones for telephones), DINERS CLUB and more.